In 1973 Mohanna Abdulaziz Almoaibed set out to establish a chemical manufacturing company in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, which was a highly unusual business venture at the time.

In its early years, the company faced several obstacles, including financing. However, with the support of local investors and additional financing through international banks, and despite the skepticism on the viability of the project, Almoaibed and his partners pushed forward and successfully established the very first Chlor-Alkali manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia. The Dammam plant started production 1975.

Investors and partners included prominent family businesses like Al-Othman and Al-Muammer, Fahad and Abdulrahman Al-Jindan company, Darwish bin Abdullah Al-Darwish, Al-Tamimi and Fouad, Mohammed and Abdulrahman Al-Bawardi, Abdulatif Alali Al-Issa and Sons company. In 2008, to ensure its continuity into the future, BCI’s shareholders made a unanimous decision to take the company public on the Saudi stock exchange market. Over the years, BCI’s employees, manufacturing logistic facilities, and product offerings and partnerships grew in response to its customer needs and the build-up of trust. The group took major leaps forward in going beyond basic chemicals by establishing joint ventures with global corporates to produce and sell specialty chemicals.