The Industrial Chemicals division provides many industries with organic and inorganic specialty chemicals and technical services. This is often undertaken in collaboration with our world-class chemical partners from Europe and North America.

Our Basic Chemicals division caters to customer requirements in the below chemistries:

Paints and Coatings

A wide range of high-performance additives, dispersion, and coalescing agents, rheology modifiers, defoamers, biocides, stabilizers, and resins.

Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals

Gas treatment solvents and removers of acid gases, CO2 and H2S, and unwanted molecules such as mercaptans and carbonyl sulphides.

Steel Galvanizing

In addition to being a supplier of Hydrochloric Acid to the galvanizing industry, BCI supplies chemical additives to improve the quality of the finished product of galvanized steel and control the cost of the process. The range also includes degreasers, flux salts, wetting agents, and corrosion inhibitors for Flux Kettle Operations, Zinc Kettle additives and post-treatment additives.

Commercial Laundry

BCI’s locally manufactured SUPERKLENE line for commercial laundries.

Beverage Manufacturers, Dairy Operators, Farmers

Industrial Chemicals provide a wide range of detergents, disinfectants, and maintenance chemicals across these Industry sectors.